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For those wondering about connections to Gundam beyond the one-liner about it being Space Century 0014 in the first episode and why Dandy likes to run this joke into the ground.

The mecha on the right is from the #SpaceDandy Japanese OP “Viva Namida”(they’ve yet to show up in the series or be named.) But - they have a striking resemblance to “Late Universal Century” Crossbones Vanguard space pirate mobile suit designs like the XM-01 and XM-02 from Gundam F91.

The 2n’d from bottom picture is what appears to be a HUGE mecha the top pictured mecha fly past a few seconds later. This mecha bears a striking resemblance to Space Runaway Ideon(bottom picture) in size and color scheme - but also shares features with the RX-77-D Mass Produced Guncannon from Mobile Suit Gundam(which also shares the same color scheme)

Gundam and Space Runaway Ideon were both works by Yoshiyuki Tomino - who became famous for his “Kill’em’all” writing style in regards to his main characters.(Sounding familiar?)

Matter of fact - there was actually a manga published in 1992 that detailed how (SPOILERS) After the universe is destroyed by the Ideon in Space Runaway Ideon the universe recycled itself and became the Universal Century of Mobile Suit Gundam where the forces of Neo Zeon lead by an older Mineva Zabi of recent Gundam Unicorn fame uncover the giant ancient Ideon mecha (renaming it “Gigantis” of all the creative things) and use it as a mobile armor against the Earth Federation… 

Interestingly enough, this manga was recently completely invalidated and made “non-canon” by Gundam Unicorn contradicting it and pretending like it didn’t happen (much like how our heros forget conversations about if T or A is better and… you know.. Die in every other episode only to re-appear like that never happened…)

Proof I’m not completely talking out of my butt here:’_Counterattack

Long story short - I’m looking way too hard at the references in about 5 seconds of film - but it takes a deep show to require a few paragraphs to explain the deep references in that short an amount of time!! And I really enjoy the fact that the nonsensical structure of the show seems to be a loving parody of the non-continuity and multiple “Alternate Universes” of anime like Gundam!

If you’ve got a theory, let us hear it, Baby!!


They REALLY liked the mecha design in Gigantis’ Counterattack.

I just noticed that Dandy’s mecha “Hawaii Yankee” is reminiscent of the AMS-110 Kitara complete with robot pompadour, pictured with Ideon here:

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